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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to Kigoma!

We have finally arrived in Kigoma. For persons following on Facebook, you may have gotten my initial posting. I think I also sent an 'alert' via the church email list. Anyway, we are now here and getting to work.

We were welcomed at the airport at noon by a twenty-three men's choir singing and dancing. What a show of radical hospitality! We then had a wonderful meal with the Wertz's. It is amazing to see the work they have done. It is a true blessing, and lives are being touched and changed.

Following our meal we settled in. Our rooms are quite nice, and we enjoy overlooking the lake. The weather is beastly hot - over 90! The sun hits the earth directly here, so it is quite bright.

After getting into our rooms, Lowell took us to the pavilion to feed the children. The four of us dished up over 200 plates of beans and rice. If it were not for this ministry, the children would simply go hungry. Many of the children, of course, are orphans due to AIDS and war. Lowell shared with us that the per capital income is less than $200.00 per year (if that). Most people try to survive.

Our evening was spent having a Bible Study with other missionaries. Lowell and Claudia asked me to lead. We spent time talking about Psalm 42:1-2. It is a special verse. We met people from all over. Several are from the states - notably Texas and New York; others are from Europe - Germany and Denmark. I struck up several great conversations with the young Germans who are teaching in the language schools. Next week I will plan to meet with them and discuss - above all things - Dietrich Bonhoeffer! My German Pietist heart was strangely warmed!

We are now getting ready for bed. Alice, Barb, and Bill are doing well. Mary Shott, our companion from Attica, has been a Godsend. She is working on a reforestation project.

Tomorrow, we will head to the market and get a view of Kigoma. Friday, we will head out to the refugee camp. This will take up most of Saturday too. On Sunday we will worship together. I have been asked to preach.

I will do all I can to share moments during our time here. I humbled by the work the people are doing in Christ's name. Persons have left all they have to follow Jesus. What they do for Christ is amazing. But then again, isn't that what it is truly all about?


Pastor Andy

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