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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Out of Africa

We are now out of Africa and in Zürich. The flight was bumpy, but we arrived safely in Switzerland. Our flight to Washington will leave in two hours. We are ready to return home!

It has been an amazing experience traveling to Tanzania. The four of us have many stories to share. In time we will communicate our thoughts and perspectives. It may take a few weeks, if not longer, to debrief. However, the one thing we all think is important is that missions is vibrant and important! How great it has been to see what is happening first hand. Joy in the Harvest, in particular, has an incredible presence in Kigoma. Our support is simply invaluable.

It is with the above point in mind that we can also express how significant giving to mission is. Our gift of $200 to the church in the Refugee Camp to repair the roof, and our gift of $2000 to Joy in the Harvest to put the floor down in Daniel's Place will go a very long way. In fact, this is the message we need to remember: so little can go so far. What we think is a little is actually a huge gift.

Well, the time is running out of my computer at the airport here in Zürich. We will need to catch our flight home.

God's peace and grace to all!

Pastor Andy

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