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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting Ready to Leave

This post will not be long, but I would like to communicate that we are getting ready to leave Dar es Salaam for Zurich. Keep the team in prayer.

Our time in Dar es Salaam has been interesting to say the least! To be sure, we are not at Joy in the Harvest in Kigoma anymore! However, our trip to the Mikumi National Park was well worth the thirteen hour round-trip on the road. Travel mercies take on a whole new meaning in Tanzania!

It is extremely hot in Dar today - over 90 degrees. We will look forward to returning to the fall-like weather of Indiana.

We want to communicate to everyone our deep appreciation for the prayers of support. The encouragement has been wonderful. We also want to express how grateful we are for the ways Grace Church has undergirded this trip. We are thankful! We especially want to thank Glen Beck. Our hats are off to Glen!!!

If lucky, I will try to get out one more post from Zurich. If not, please know we will see you all when we return.

God's blessings!

Pastor Kinsey

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