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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaving Kigoma

Today was a day of mixed emotions as we left Joy in the Harvest in Kigoma. It was sad to leave Lowell and Claudia, but it is exciting to make our way back to the states. We will look forward to returning to our loved-ones.

I am writing this current post from the top of a building in Dar es Salaam. Our drive and host, John Francis, brought us here so that I could get a post written. I am thankful. The contrasts with Kigoma are striking. Dar es Salaam is a city of four million people. It definitely provides another view of Africa. As Lowell shared with us, there are basically three Africas: urban, rural, and small towns. Thus far, we have experienced all three.

I am also writing this post to share that we are now preparing to go to the Mikumi Game Reserve. This will supply yet another aspect of the African trip. Please keep us in prayer as we make our way there. It is a five to six hour trip by van.

I will end this post by sharing a quote from Mother Teresa's book Come Be My Light. In this book, Mother Teresa speaks of her stuggles. Alice brought the book with her, and we have enjoyed learning about Mother Teresa as we have moved among the poor of Tanzania. In light of the ministry of Joy in the Harvest, Mother Teresa writes about the lives of missionaries:

"The life of a missionary is not strewn with roses, in fact more with thorns; but with it all, it is a life full of happiness and joy when she thinks that she is doing the same work which Jesus was doing when He was on earth, and that she is fulfilling Jesus' commandment: 'Go and teach all nations.'"

As we complete this segment of our journey, we lift up these words of reflection and prayer. We also want to invite everyone at Grace Church to pray for us as we travel. May God grant us mercy and safety!

Ps: This may be my last post. If so, please know I have enjoyed writing. If not, keep on reading! I hope they have helped to communicate and inform! God's peace!

Pastor Andy

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