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Monday, November 2, 2009

Arriving in Zurich

We arrived in Zurich one hour ahead of schedule. It was a good trip, and we made it safely to our hotel rooms. As I write, I can hear the jets fly over head. Zurich is a beautiful city, though at the moment it is raining!

While traveling on the plane I took time to begin reading a book that I hope to share during the course of this trip: Beyond Christendom: Globalization, African Migration, and the Transformation of the West. It is written by Jehu J. Hanciles, a young missionary from Serria Leone and professor of mission at Fuller Seminary. It is a book that tries to interpret the forces at work around the world and the impact these forces have on the mission of the church and vice versa. One of the main contentions of the book is that, despite the entrenched notions of Western dominance within global societies, non-Western movements and initiatives are among the most powerful forces shaping the contemporary world; this is especially the case with respect to migration and the rise of Pentecostal Christianity. It will be interesting to try to make sense of these things once we get to Africa.

Alice, Barb, Bill, and I are doing fine. It is now quiet in the room, though Bill is sawing a few logs!
Our room is a typical European room - small and cozy. I brewed a warm cup of coffee, so I am doing well!

To be sure, we are looking forward to getting to Kigoma. Once there we will meet with Lowell and Claudia Wertz. To learn more about their mission and ministry, go to www.joyintheharvest.com. This website contains helpful information.

Another person on our trip is Mary Shott from Attica UMC. She works for Joy In the Harvest with the reforestation efforts. She has been wonderful to have on the trip, as she has been to Kigoma several times. What a blessing!

Please watch for future posts. I will do what I can to keep persons informed about the trip and work.

God's peace and prayers....

Pastor Andy

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