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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mainline or Methodist?

The United Methodist Church in North America needs a Wesleyan Methodist Revival.  The Wesleyan Leadership Conference on October 14-16 at West End United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN aims to help the United Methodist Church recover what it means to be Christian and Methodist in the 21st century.  One step in the process is to ask the question, can we be "Mainline" and "Methodist"?

The Conference will focus on the book by Scott Kisker Mainline or Methodist?: Rediscovering Our Evangelistic Mission.  In this work, Kisker argues that the heart of Methodism is really all about holiness: "the restoration of what we were created to be - the restoration of the image of God."  Persons can go to the following link and read the review I wrote about Kisker's book in Circuit Rider: Review.

Mainline or Methodist?: Rediscovering Our Evangelistic Mission

The cost of the conference $95.00 per person.

Persons interested in attending may contact me at pastorandy@franklingrace.org.

Let me know!


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